Why Host With CRMNow?

Hosting your CRM solution provides not only a lower total cost of ownership and reduces infrastructure dependencies, its speed to use allows for key business wins and greater user uptake.

Go through the checklist and see if CRMNow is for you.

[ ] Do you have a CRM requirement that can't wait for or justify an infrastructure investment or upgrade?

[ ] Do you want to trial a CRM solution before committing to a larger roll out?

[ ] Do you have a limitation around resources to administer an on premise CRM solution?

[ ] Can you not wait for Cap Ex approval for your CRM project?

[ ] Do you have a company directive to provision Software as a Service where possible?

[ ] Do you want to start enjoying all the benefits of Microsoft CRMNow?

[ ] Are you worried about your data being held overseas and subject to another country's legislation and regulations?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then get in touch today and lets get CRMNow working for you, we can have it up and running within a very short time! Lets get started!

If you are after an on-premise project for Microsoft CRM then please get in touch with New Zealand's leading CRM partner, Adaptable Solutions, here.


Microsoft CRM delivered as CRMNow by New Zealand’s most awarded CRM partner.

CRMNow provides a business solution that:

  • Scales to fit your size
  • Has no overhead costs
  • Can be up and running today
  • Will drive business productivity

All from $85 per user per month